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Taste the Tour 6 Pack 2017 - SOLD OUT



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It’s on again, the legendary Tour de France. Enjoy the racing and the scenery with this 6 pack of delicious authentic French wines.


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Product Description

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It’s that time of year again. It's time to enjoy the legendary Tour de France! Aussie Richie Porte is one of the favourites with team BMC, which will add to the Aussie interest, but who doesn't love the scenery anyway?

You can enjoy the sights of the racing and the stunning scenery whilst enjoying a selection of French wine. 

The wines in this 6 pack are sourced from vineyards in Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, Provence (the home of rosé), Madiran in South West France, and Jurançon in the foothills of the Pyrenees. This year these regions are covered during the final 2 weeks of the race. You can drink each wine when the tour reaches that region, or just enjoy whenever you want, before during or after the Tour! Grab some Tour snacks, turn up the heating and enjoy. Follow the virtual peleton on social media. #tdf #tdf17

These wines (2 whites, 3 reds and a rosé) represent very good value for money and are a great introduction to DiscoverVin’s french wines. And all at a fraction of the price of a ticket to France!

6 wines in the Taste the Tour Pack 2017:

Burgundy (stage 7, July 7) 
Domaine Lupé-Cholet Comte de Lupé, Bourgogne (Pinot Noir ) 2014
Bordeaux region (stage 10, July 11) 
Maison Sichel Sirius Bordeaux rouge 2012
Madiran – South West France (stage 11, July 12) 
Producteurs Plaimont Madiran Collection, 2012
Jurançon – in the foothills of the Pyrenees (stages 12 & 13, July 13 &14)
Château Jolys, Jurançon Sec, 2014
Rhone Valley (stages 16 & 17, July 18 & 19)
Domaine Roche Audran Côtes du Rhone 2015
Provence (stages 19 & 20, July 21 & 22)
Domaine de la Croix Irrésistible Rosé, cru classé Provençal rosé 2014

Usually these wines would be priced at $217 but we are offering this pack for $189

In summary:  RRP
Maison Sichel Sirius Bordeaux rouge 2014 $33.00
Château Jolys, Jurançon Sec, 2014 $29.00
Lupé-Cholet Comte de Lupé, 100% Pinot Noir 2014 $49.00
Producteurs Plaimont Madiran Collection, 2012 $39.00
Domaine Roche Audran  Côtes du Rhone Rouge 2015  $31.00
Domaine de la Croix, Irrésistible rosé 2014  $36.50

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Product Code: 10050/17

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