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Domaine Villebois

Villebois Wines was founded on passion and vision: the true passion for authentic Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Loire region and the vision to produce these distinctive wines using the latest techniques and technologies. Taken together they have led to the creation of an outstanding range of Sauvignon Blanc wines, each of which is recognised internationally for their high quality.

It all started in 2004, when Joost de Willebois spotted a small, local winery in the Touraine area. The owner/wine maker at that time prided himself on having a long tradition of producing local Sauvignon Blanc wine, but he lacked a successor.  Joost recognised this as a golden opportunity to transform the winery into a producer of quality wines from the broader Loire region. With the support of his wife Miguela and along with a small group of close friends, he embarked on this challenging journey.

Early on, the team realised that behind every great bottle of wine there must be a great winemaker and in search for that person, they came across a talented winemaker named Thierry Merlet.

At the time he met Joost, Thierry had just returned to the Loire, after working for a number of years at renowned wineries in Australia and in the United States, learning about the latest winemaking techniques and equipment. Thierry's ambition was to create a global benchmark for authentic Loire Sauvignon Blanc wines. With Joost he is now well on his way doing so. Thanks to their shared passion and vision, the full range of Villebois wines is now picking up increasing numbers of  awards year after year at international wine competitions.

Joost and Thierry's combined strengths, with the unrelenting effort and support from Miguela and the rest of the team, (i.e Jeannet Rolvink, financial administration) have turned Villebois into what it is today: one of the leading producers of a full and structured range of Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Loire/Centre region. From its modest beginning, the winery has evolved into a modern wine business. Thierry is in charge of all aspects of the production, now assisted by Patrice Merceron to ensure consistent high quality wines year on year on and Joost and Miguela deploy their commercial and managerial talents to grow and guide the Villebois business.

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